With the advancement in technology and usage of the internet, the traditional classroom is now going beyond the four walls of the classroom and education is becoming more accessible to those with limited time and resources. Technology mediated learning seems all set to enhance the accessibility of courses like MBA. In fact, pursuing an MBA degree has become much easier now with the introduction of distance learning MBA programs.

In India, some of the leading business schools like IIM Ahmedabad, IIFT, IIT Delhi have taken the initiative of offering online MBA courses in India. Distance learning courses have primarily captured the attention of the working professionals who could not pursue a regular MBA course due to various reasons.The various online executive MBA courses being offered have huge advantages as students do not have to now commute long distances to pursue an MBA degree. Students also get all the necessary course material available to them whenever and wherever they want it since it is all online for them to access as they wish. This allows a lot of freedom for the students in learning at their own pace. Students are also given other resources like recorded lectures which is an added advantage which traditional classroom sessions are usually not repeated if a student misses them in the traditional MBA courses. Moreover, most of the organizations providing online MBA courses in India make it a point to provide regular classes, which the students can attend from the comfort of their home. Thus, regular interaction with the faculty members through various mediums of communication is made possible for the students who want to pursue online MBA education in India.

Distance learning courses have certainly added a new paradigm in the way that students can acquire knowledge and enhance their skills. With the widespread use of the internet, it has become very easy for students to access and also share information. The latest technologies used in online distance learning allows students to access an archive of learning materials in the form of recorded video of lectures, e learning modules and e books. In an online distance learning course, students also can interact with teachers and lectures by participating in forums and discussion threads. Students can also interact with lecturers in real time by using video conferencing and chat rooms. Online distance learning has definitely opened up new doors for students in the field of MBA programs.

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