Business environment is about exploring the nature of the organization you are working in. This first theme considers a number of fundamental questions about the organization: What’s the organization for? What major factors influence organizations? Why are there different types of organization? What is your organization’s vision for the future? And how is the vision for the future? And how is the translated into a strategy for every level? All such questions are learn able of an online MBA professional. Think of big picture as a fly-past in an airplane at altitude before the detailed plotting of the landmarks and features of your business.Within this theme you will:Review the core components of your organization and what makes it different from others.
Identify ways to communicate the goals of an organization, as you have learned in one year executive MBA. Identify your organization’s vision, mission and values and how these translate into strategic objectives. Develop a strategic understanding of your business, About this you already know in your distance leaning MBA. A simple way of looking at what an organization is and what it is for is to picture the core of the organization as system that transforms inputs into output that are provided to customer. While a mission is about the purpose and overall goals, a set of values can give the organization its guiding principles that govern the way it will act. Many organizations communicate their values.
Analyzing the environment:
Analyzing the environment involves examining the current capabilities of the organization and trends in the external environment that will impact on the organization. Analyzing is the key feature of developing a strategy. Strategy without analysis is like going trekking without a map; analysis without strategy is just thought without action.

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