Communication in e-learning courses is more individualized than in traditional classes. The teacher has less ability to communicate with the group, but it can devote more time to talk with individuals, letting the process of learning also takes place through social interaction between students themselves.

E-learning university, especially in the blended version, preserves and nurtures the relationship “master? student “through greater access to lecturers. Moreover, through the

ease of a variety of sources to promote self-reliance in search of knowledge, enables and develops the academic debate, and thus encourages the study. What is the difference in e-learning activities from taking place in a traditional classroom? One difference is the form and method of contact between the participants in the learning process. E-learning is the most academic implemented on the Internet, and his philosophy must be based on the philosophy and logic of the Web. Internet is primarily a fast and convenient tool for taking on various forms of communication, from the asynchronous forums and e-mails to taking place in real-time chat, audio and video conferencing Distance learning MBA. Despite the popularity of audio and visual contact, most of the methods of communication over the Internet is lyrically. Because the written language requires reflection, communication is stretched in time.
Another difference between the traditional classroom and the remote is a learning organization and time. In contrast to the traditional activities that take place on a particular day and a particular time, online classes generally last throughout the semester. Their rhythm is determined themes and dates of administration modules and placed in these activities. In general, participants of the classes work at their own pace within a common framework of time, without any obligation to accomplish tasks and participate in the discussion at the same time.

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The third of the basic differences between traditional classroom and remote scale is associated with visual learning content and its availability. During the course of traditional teacher might show students a movie or simulation, draw a model, or to perform a scientific experiment before their eyes. However, not every student will be able to store the message in the time of its origin. The Internet not only allows you to share media, but also allows individual and often repeated interaction of students with   teaching Executive MBA in India prepared by the teacher.

E-learning, Polish often referred to as “e-learning” or “remote teaching”, is a form of learning which takes place at a distance (ie, regardless of place and time) via electronic media, such as intro and Internet, audio and video conferencing , television and mobile telephony. What is important is that an instruction can be subject to direct, even though the virtual contact participants.

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