India’s K-8 school, the Fully Unlimited School of India, was launched on Wednesday with the aim of further improving offline studies in the Corona era. In the current era, when the school is closed, it has become difficult for the students to continue their studies. In such a situation, it will be very helpful for school students. Such offline schools previously existed only in the US and some other countries. However, it is the first school of its kind in India. From pre-kindergarten to 8th, this school can be known entirely without students.

Students prefer online schools

On this occasion, the head of the school Priyanka Sharma said that this school is not what people think. It is not just a traditional school offering online classes, but a complete school in itself. Students from all over the world have been studying through online schools for many years. Many students are preferring online schooling methods over traditional schools. Time is changing after the epidemic, due to which parents are now finding online schools for children. However, she does not know how to contact WhatsApp for this?

Priority of students and parents

During this, he said that the new education policy also promotes that students’ attention should be focused more on learning. In this way, expressing happiness over starting K8 school, he gave his preference to the students and parents. The special thing of this school is that students can take advantage of other things besides the reular classes here. For this information, students can visit the school website

Students studying in other schools can also take classes

Talking about the school, Priyanka said that we want to build a school where children come happily and parents are also involved. K8 school includes the advantages of traditional schools as well as the characteristics of interaction and behavior. He described this school as a real investment of every parent for their child. The special thing of the school is that all children from pre-kindergarden to eighth can attend. Even students studying in any other traditional school can join this school.

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