You can communicate some of your management abilities through the straightforward “data” part of your application. Be sure to describe your job responsibilities. This is especially important if your job is
nontraditional for an aspiring correspondence MBA. To evaluate your management skills, admissions officers look at work experience and other relevant activities. They generally believe that the best way to measure your management potential is to look at what you’ve actually done. Many graduate business programs expect candidates to have several years of work experience prior to entrance. If your credentials fall outside the typical range of work experience for the programs, you many need to compensate with the quality of your experience in other arenas.
The most subjective criterion on which schools evaluate you is your personal characteristics. Although different schools emphasize different qualities, most seek candidates who demonstrate leadership, maturity, integrity, responsibility, and teamwork. The more competitive schools place special emphasize on these criteria because they have many qualified applicants for each available spot in the class. In fact, the top-tier programs generally require numerous essays so that they can get a complete feel for each applicant’s personal qualities. Your presentation of your personal characteristics is important in demonstrating how well you will fit into the program of your choice. If the program emphasizes teamwork, you will want to make sure you demonstrate interpersonal skills. If you are looking at an international focus, you will want to show that you can adapt to different cultures and environments. If the program is highly competitive, you will want admissions officers to see that you can thrive in that setting.
Many Online MBA candidates come from the traditional areas of consumer goods, financial institutions, consulting, and accounting. This background is good training ground for management education, especially since there is demand in these industries for online executive MBA professionals. However, applicants from one of these fields will be competing with many others with similar backgrounds, and will need to distinguish themselves through their achievements and the presentation of their other qualities. Although major companies are a natural path in to a graduate management program, they are by no means the only route. If you have experience in a not-for-profit organization, government agency, small-or medium-sized enterprise, or some other institution, your application will already stand out in contrast from those candidates with large company experience. How ever, you still face the challenge of translating your experience for the admissions officer and showing why you are a good candidate for MBA online degree.

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