In today’s fast moving environment, this is clearly a recipe for disaster. To gain competitive advantages, all parts of an organization must be able to talk to one another. It follows then that all managers must be, in some sense, financial managers who are able to speak the common language of finance, all these things we can learn during Certificate Program on Financial Accounting & Management. The online MBA in India aims to provide you with the necessary understanding to input into the financial management of your organization. Your objectives during this course are to:
  1. Be able to contribute more effectively to the financial planning process in your organization.
  2. Investigate the relationship between costing and pricing products
  3. Learn to prepare capital investment proposals
  4. Use the financial statements and key financial ratios to evaluate an organization performance.
  5. Identify the main sources of funding for an organization.
Your company is preparing a plan to increase profit by 10 percent next year. What do all executive MBA professionals need to understand before they can start to contribute to plan? All managers with the collective responsibilities for preparing and them implementing
the plan need to understand:
  1. What is meant by the term profit?
  2. How they are expected to contribute to the financial plan?
  3. How their actions will impact upon the financial measure.
The way in which changes in the business environment, for example, a downturn in the economy will impact upon the actions necessary to achieve the financial plan. In online MBA you will start to develop your understanding of financial matters by investigating the main statement used to present financial information. All financial reports aim to tell a story about how business is performing. The financial statement tells you about your past performance or plans of an organization and helps you to make decisions about the direction of the business.

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