CM Manohar Lal said that every student studying in colleges will be given driving licenses in their educational institution along with giving information about the rules. When the students graduate and passout, they will be given a passport. All this process will be done in the college itself. The CM was speaking at the helmet program.on Saturday in the Mangalsen Auditorium.

The program was organized by Sanjay Bhatia, MP of Karnal Lok Sabha. In which helmets were distributed to more than 100 youth.
13 people die daily in accidents in the state, need to stop it. CM said that today’s program is different from political subject which has long term consequences. Every head helmet is a program in which there is a matter of changing the mind i.e. how to keep life safe on the road.

CM said that a large number of road accidents occur every year in the country. These are reported to be 1300 accidents per day, in which most of the persons who drive without helmets die. As far as Haryana is concerned, there are about four and a half thousand road accidents in the year, in which 13 persons die of untimely death every day.

The main reason for this is brain damage inside the head. Studies show that if a person is wearing a helmet while walking on the road, then 80 percent protection of the accident becomes possible. The practice of wearing a helmet should be from the beginning, do not consider it a compulsion. Regarding challans without helmets, he said that such challans do not come in any government agenda nor does it increase revenue. Rather the challan is intended to make the driver aware as well as make his life safe.

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