The Minister of the Economy promises measures that are both strong and rapid, while praising what has already been done since the start of the health crisis.

” Youth must be done”, but if it could be done by avoiding unemployment, it would be better for her as for the economic health of the country. As the crisis begins and it looks damn salty for September, Bruno Le Maire , boss of Bercy and of finance, wanted to assure him: Employment , and in particular the employment of young people, will be the priority of the economic recovery plan to “enable them to find a place as of the start of the school year” on the job market.

“Employment was the priority at the start of the quinquennium and is now the top priority at the end of the quinquennium, especially in the face of the crisis,” said the Minister of Economy , Finance and Recovery. And “young people are the priority of priorities”.

Speed ​​and efficiency
“The President of the Republic and the Prime Minister will have the opportunity to specify the devices for young people from next week with an objective of application as quickly as possible” so as “to welcome young people in the best conditions at the start of the school year. ” “The devices will be voted quickly, implemented immediately to allow young people to find a place as soon as the next school year begins,” he said. “Everything is ready to be triggered”.

Responding to the ex-LR president of the Hauts-de-France region Xavier Bertrand who suggested to him on Saturday “to go much faster” in the economic recovery, Bruno Le Maire pointed out that the recovery, “a collective battle of State, regions, companies “had” started on March 15 “.

The relaunch is now
“The revival is now. It started on March 15th. We went fast, we went strong and we will continue to go fast and go strong, ”said the minister, recalling that 460 billion euros have been mobilized to support the French economy.

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