Online BCA program or online BBA program are becoming popular day by day with many students who are interested to take distance learning programs. The growing popularity of online undergraduate programs and even master degrees like online executive MBA program has paved the way for many such courses being offered by universities. The main reason for the increasing popularity of these courses is that a student can easily study and take exams from the comfort of his or her home.
Advantages of an Online Undergraduate Program
Many students do not get time for pursuing a regular course and try to get an online BBA program or online BCA program. The main factor that is attracting too many students is that there is no need of spending three years or even more attending regular classes and even staying in a hostel, for completing a course. Thanks to the online undergraduate programs that have made life much easier by bringing in the classroom training online and imparting education to thousands of aspirants who seek for an online undergraduate program. Moreover, a student can work full time or part time while taking the course.
Virtual Class Room Training
There are still some students who really are apprehensive of an online undergraduate program or even a master’s degree like an online executive MBA. They fail to understand that how can class room training be substituted with anything else. However, technology has given too much of scope for students that class room training can be substituted with virtual e learning classes.
Many universities offering online executive MBA programs offer such virtual training classes online that a student just have to log in with a unique user name and password provided by their websites and within the comfort of their homes they can see and hear the lectures given by eminent professors. Moreover, e learning has come up with many attractive modules with special templates designed by instructional designers and graphic designers. They use attractive interfaces where in videos, power point presentations, voice over and other graphically animated illustrations to make a student glued to the computer and learn the course easily.
Low Fees Structure
Another most important reason for the growing popularity of online undergraduate programs is that the courses like online BBA program or online BCA program is very less compared to the regular programs. Moreover, one year executive MBA or online executive MBA has also been much sought by the students as it is affordable by any student who is a professional and looking for a growth in his or her career.

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