Marketing decisions can be more difficult when a firm produces more than one product in a category and customer demand for the product is not independent. Instead, changes in the demand for one product can affect demand for the other product. All stuffs are illustrate in online executive MBA. Finally, the very design of new product offerings can be driven by other offerings from the firm.
At the center of almost any enterprise is the customer. Nearly every definition of marketing, either explicitly or implicitly, has at its core the customer. The most simplistic is “the right product, in the right place, at the right time, at the right price.”Online MBA courses follow the general conception of marketing. MBAs tend to gravitate toward companies that are driven by marketing.
Advertising and public relations are two less common but still important destinations for marketing-focused MBAs. Generally, MBAs in these two industries work in account management. Marketing consulting and brand identity consulting are also common career paths for MBAs. While the consulting skill set and lifestyle are generally quite different from typical marketing career paths such as one year exeuctive MBA, the focus on customer/consumer value is still at the core. Large strategy firms have strong marketing practices.

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