Some grade use the Online MBA in India the completely change their careers, and others use it to accelerate their current career progression. While consulting and financial services account for about 50 of job offers at most schools, MBA degree are increasingly useful for advancing careers in a wide variety of fields like online MBA in IT.
The growth of business colleges should be seen as part of an international movement towards greater practicality in education. In India, colleges of medicine, law, and engineering had all developed during the nineteenth century, and calls for secondary-level “trade schools” and “manual schools” were widely heard. The main theme of a massive 1985 Indian Education committee report was that Indian Education was useless, obsolete, and far behind that in other countries. “Our MBA college system certainly does not train our youth in habits of useful industry”.
Its purpose is not to increase the effectiveness of labor to make tow blades of grass grow where only one grew before; it does not show the pupil how, by acquiring a manual art, he can double or treble the value of his labor. It does not teach a science in a practical form. On the contrary, college education is conducted with a view to imparting knowledge of dead language and the higher mathematics to the online MBA students, which is all well enough for the wealthy and leisure classes, but is not suited for bread-winners.
There can be no dispute that this clamor for a new paradigm in education was in fact long overdue. Colleges trained people, much as they had for the past century and a half, for the ministry and now for law, medicine, or engineering and management. People who challenged the traditional courses usefulness were very sensitive to the charge that they were advocating a narrow utilitarian kind of Online executive MBA education.

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