Python is most popular and widely used language. It is effortless to understand as syntax is easy to understand. It is compatible with various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and others. You can also transfer code from one platform to the other. It got multiple modules and packages. Supports various other languages liken Java, C, and others. You can quickly build an application by using the right tools and libraries.

Python has become a base language for various fields like Artificial Intelligence(AI), Data Science, Web App Development, Data Analysis, etc. Python is also used in games, Apps Development, Tools Development, and others. Python has massive community support, so you will find that Python has an abundance of useful resources while developing apps or web development.

Language for beginners

Python got its name from Monty Python. Python is easy, and coding with Python is fun. It is easy, and you start enjoying coding with Python. It inspires you to do more; you can quickly build prototypes; therefore, using Python is a very enriching experience. Python has replaced Java. Many beginners or professionals prefer Python over other languages.


Simple and easy to Understand

Python is a general-purpose but high-level language. The syntax is simple to understand and reads like English. Hence, beginners learn this language very quickly and can do coding easily. Complications are handled by Python so that the user can do coding with ease. Also, beginners do not need to consider details in Python while coding. They just need to learn the concept of learning.


Versatile Programming language

A versatile and dynamically typed language is Python. Python does not have any strict rules from programming. Even errors can be traced back for error at every line of code, so the error and bugs tracing you won’t find after the code’s complete build. 

Python Community   

When you enter the world of programming, you will soon appreciate how critical support comes from the developer community. The bigger a group, the more likely you will get help, and the more people will create helpful resources to promote the creative process.

 Career Opportunities in Python

Python is the 2nd highest skill in demand and the skill with the highest average pay. As big data developers are demanding, Python developers are mainly required as data scientists, as Python can be easily incorporated into web apps to perform machine-learning tasks.

.Popular Websites build with Python Popular Site build with the help of Python

Features of Python are as follows

Coding for readability and maintenance. 

It will help if you consent to the source code’s accuracy to simplify maintenance and improvements when writing a software application. You can express concepts without writing extra code under Python’s syntax rules. Also, Python stresses code readability, unlike other programming languages, and encourages you to use English keywords rather than punctuations. Therefore, without writing additional code, you can use Python for creating custom applications. You can read and clean code without any other time and effort to maintain and upgrade the program.

Multiple ideologies of Programming 

Python supports different programming paradigms, including most modern programming languages. The programming is entirely object-oriented and organized. The language of its functional and aspect-oriented programming also embraces other principles. Python also has automatic memory management and a dynamic system sort. Python is useful to build broad, complex software applications through programming paradigms and language features.

Compliant with Key Platforms and Systems 

At present several operating systems are supported by Python. You can also apply the code on specific platforms and tools by using Python interpreters. Python is also a language of comprehension of programming. You can execute the same code without recompilation on multiple platforms. So after making some modifications, you don’t have to recompile the code. Without recompiling, you can instantly execute the changed application code and track the effect of changes. The feature lets you make code improvements without increasing development time.

Standard Extensive Library  

Python scored in other programming languages through its broad and versatile standard library. You can choose several modules based on your particular specifications from the standard library. Any module also allows the Python application to add features unless additional code has been written. For example, you may use specific modules to build web services, carry out string operations, control the web interface’s, or deal with internet protocols when writing a web application in Python. Through searching Python Standard Library documentation, you can also gather information on different modules.

Several frameworks and tools are open sources. 

Python lets you reduce the development costs considerably as an open-source programming language. You can also use numerous open-source Python framework systems, libraries, and programming tools without increasing development costs. You can also select Python Frameworks and programming tools according to your exact needs from a wide variety of open source solutions. For example, using robust Python web frames such as Django, Flask, pyramid, bottle, and cherrypy, you can simplify and speed up web application creation. Also, Python Interface frameworks and toolkits such as PyQT, PyJs, PyGUI, Kivy, PyGTK, or WxPython can accelerate desktop innovation GUI applications.

Simplify the development of complex applications 

Python is a programming language for general purposes. Therefore, both desktop and Web applications can be built with the programming language. Python may also be used to create complex scientific and numerical applications. Python is designed for data analysis and visualization with features. Python’s data analysis features allow you to produce customized big data solutions without putting extra effort and time. Simultaneously, you can display and present data in a more exciting and useful way through the Python data visualization libraries and APIs. Many Python developers also use Python to perform artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing.

Foster Test-Driven Development

You can use Python to construct a software prototype quickly. Also, by reworking the Python code, you can directly create the software application from the prototype. Python makes it much simpler to conduct coding and check using a TDD approach simultaneously. The required tests can be easily written before code is written, and tests can continuously evaluate the application code. The tests can also verify whether the application meets predefined specifications based on the source code of its application.

Python, however, has its limitations, as with other programming languages. Any of the incorporated features of different modern programming languages are absent. Therefore, you need to use Python libraries, modules, and frames to speed up the development of custom applications. Moreover, several studies find that Python’s programming languages like Java and C++ are slower than several. The Python framework must be sped up by making improvements to the application code or using customized runtime. You can use Python to accelerate the development of apps. Visit Python Online Training at 3RI Technologies and explore your knowledge.

Python applications in the Real World

 Python, due to its simplicity, has become widely popular and extensively used. Python Developer from beginner to experience prefers Python. Python offers a huge in-built library, modules, and packages. Also, each version is better than its previous and easier to use and to go along with the technological trend. Platform freedom, flexibility, and high performance make Python the best choice for programmers. Python is used widely in various fields.

What Can you do with Python

Let’s see some applications of Python in the real world. 

Python use in Web Development

Python is majorly used for web development. Django, Flask, and Bottle are widely used for developing web frameworks and even advanced content management systems like Plone and Django CMS. Tasks are simplified by Python standard libraries and modules they are as follows.

● Content Management

● Database Interaction

● Interfacing with internet protocols such as HTTP, SMTP, XML, 


The web framework by Python are very famous and are known for

● Security

● Scalability 

● Flexibility

There are also Python’s Package Index which consists of useful libraries like

● Requests 

● BeautifulSoup 

● Paramiko

● feedparser

● Twisted Python. 


Python use in Game Development

Python has extensive in-built libraries which are very useful and with ease can be used for game development. Any game can be developed in 2D, 3D, and interactive games with Python. Python library like PySoy, which is a 3D game engine and is available with Python3 version and also PyGame Python library is used for developing games. With Python, many popular games have been developed like 

● Battlefield 2

● Frets on Fire

● World of Tanks 

● Disney’s Toontown Online

● Vega Strike

● Civilization-IV. 

With Python not only the game is developed but game developers can also use Python for detailing of games like levelling of games, dialogue or tree creation and even a few tools can be produced to tools to export some tasks in specific formats that can be used by the primary game engine.


Use of Python in Scientific and Numeric Applications

Python has numeric libraries and modules that are used for computation purposes; it is a crucial tool for Scientific and Numeric computing. Python provides the necessary foundation for the apps that deal with computation and Scientific data processing likes 

● FreeCAD 

● Abaqus 

Python has many packages that are used for numeric and scientific computation that are as follows

● SciPy 

● Pandas

● IPython

● Numeric Python 

● Natural Language Toolkit

Extensive use of Python in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to require extensive data to be processed continuously with computation All this can be done quickly using Python libraries. AI needs flexibility, accuracy, and reliability the most while developing the applications. Python is used because of its extensive in-built libraries that can be used anytime, without starting the code from scratch. Python provides the programmers’ platform freedom, simple language, libraries, and backing of huge communities. For AI and ML the packages that Python offers are as follows

● SciPy 

● Pandas

● Seaborn 

● Keras

● TensorFlow

● Scikit-learn 

● NumPy 


● Caffee

● PyTorch

● Accord.NET


Python helps for GUI.

Python is simple and easy to understand language, with simple English syntax. One of the best features of Python is its huge modules and its compatibility with various OS (Operating System). The best text processing tools and these features make Python the best for developing GUI applications

Python provides toolkits and framework for GUI which create a high profile GUI such as

● PyQt

● PyGtk

● Kivy

● Tkinter

● WxPython


● PySide


Python is widely used in Software Development.

Python in-built extensive libraries play an essential role in its use. Python can be used to develop simple to complex applications. Because of libraries and modules that help for scientific and numeric computation that is needed while developing various web applications. Developers all around the globe use Python for building, testing, and managing applications.

We can see few Python libraries such as 

● SCons helps to build control.

● Buildbot and Apache Gump give access to automatic continuous compilation and testing.

● Roundup and Trac are helpful for bug tracking and project management.

Data Analyzation and visualization can be done thoroughly with the help of Python with this we can get rid of creating custom solution process and time is also reduced.


Python tools for the development of Enterprise-level/Business Applications

Applications that are built for enterprise or business purposes are entirely on different levels. They got to be attractive and should have features like easy to read, flexibility, and high performance. These applications are built according to the need of the organization and not single client-oriented. These applications are usually developed according to the organization’s requirements so that they can cater to their needs.  

Python helps in developing fully geared up and efficient apps for business use.

Python has developed tools, especially for business applications like Odoo and Tryton.

Python impact on education programs and training courses

Python had greatly influenced and widely used and reliable among the programmer all over the globe. Python simplicity makes it very easy to understand and program. Various modules and packages make it very easy to use. The programmer may not always need to start from scratch with the help of Python in-built libraries and modules.

Use of Python in Programming Language Development

Python had motivated various programmer for the development of many programming languages which share many similarities with Python such as

● Boo

● Swift

● CoffeeScript

● Cobra

● OCaml

Use of Python in Operating Systems

You might be greatly astonished after you know the fact that the primary key behind creating an Operating System is Python. Many Os are designed using a combo of C and Python programming language these are as follows.

● Linux based Ubuntu Installer and Fedora. 

● Red Hat Enterprise Anaconda Installer 

● Gentoo Linux leverages Python Portage.

Use of Python in Web Scraping Applications

Python is the best tool for extracting a massive amount of data from various websites and webpages. The data extracted can be used in multiple ways like 

● Product Comparison

● Price Comparison

● Features Comparison

● R&D

● Job listings

The tools that Python used for web scarping are as follows

● BeautifulSoup

● MechanicalSoup

● Scrapy


● Python Requests

● Selenium

● urllib


Use of Python in Image Processing and Graphic Design Applications:

Python is also used widely in image processing and graphic designing applications. Python is used to develop 2D software used for image processing like

●     Inkscape

●     GIMP

●     Paint Shop Pro

●     Scribus

With the use of Python, many animations designing or creating software packages are generated like

●     Blender

●     Houdini

●     3ds Max

●     Maya

●     Cinema 4D

●     Lightwave

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