Batsmen at all levels of cricket should ask themselves how they improve their batting skills against fast bowlers. Fast bowlers are the most common type of bowler you face, so to do batting against them, you need to have a deep range of skills that you can call. You need a strong mind that can concentrate for a long time, and you can use it when the situation calls for it when you need strong offensive and defensive skills. You also need to make sure that you feel comfortable playing in the front and back feet. In this post, will help you to build all those skills to bat against fast bowlers.

Use a Batting Position to Respond Quickly

Our batting strategy is the basis of our batting strategy. If we have a good, strong starting position, we can respond to the ball and play our shots faster. Everyone has different types of stands that they think are the most comfortable, but I think there are some general rules that we should all follow to prepare us well for fast bowling.

  1. Leave the shoulder-width apart feet.
  2. Bend your knees slightly.
  3. Turn your head completely towards the bowler so that you can see them approaching.
  4. As the ball is about to be released, keep your head and eye level up.

These four things are quite basic, but they will help make sure you are in a decent position, allowing you to react quickly to the ball. Some locations allow you to do this faster than others. For example, consider a player who has a batting stand where the legs are shoulder-width apart. Now, imagine that the other player’s legs are extremely wide, almost at an uncomfortable level.

Which position allows you to maintain balance and allow you to explode quickly towards the ball? I hope your answer was the first place! Batsmen whose legs are too wide or too close together will not balance properly at the crease and will not move forward or backward with the same speed and accuracy as a player with shoulder-width apart.

Watch the ball carefully with Full Attention

If you don’t see the ball properly when batting against fast bowlers, you will not survive. Seeing the ball is the key to batting against all types of bowlers, but it is especially important when dealing with the fastest! To react to the ball and get a chance to play a proper shot, you should keep an eye on the face of your bat from the moment it is released from the hands of the bowlers.

If you do the regular work of talking to yourself between each delivery, it helps a lot as the bowler goes to the crease and whispers see the ball to himself repeatedly. It helps to keep your mind focused on what to do. Many batsmen get up at the crease and get so overwhelmed with nerves or ideas about their tactics that they forget to look at the ball correctly, and if that happens, you have to be incredibly lucky to play good winnings. Use your net sessions to get in the habit of repeating ‘watch the ball’ before each delivery.

Take good Protection while Facing Fast-Bowlers

If you haven’t heard the word guard before, let me briefly explain its means. Taking a guard refers to the position the batsman will be in a while batting. More precisely, it refers to the front alignment of their shoes at the crease. For example, if a batsman has the front of the boot in line with their off stump, it is considered an off stump guard. If the front of their boot is attached to the leg stump, it will be organized as a leg-stump guard. A middle stump guard batsman needs to line up the front of the boot with the middle stump. Different batsmen will stand in different positions depending on the strengths and weaknesses of each type of guard.

Final Words If you are a batsman who is particularly good at hitting the ball with the leg side’s help, you may want to take an off stump guard. Thus moving a little further on the offside will mean that the delivery of the bowlers will be a little more in line with your body or will go below the leg, and as a result, you will be able to play on your strength and hit the area of ​​the ball. This type of watch would not be very suitable for regular lbw out as it forces you to place your pads directly in front of the stumps. This is an interesting tactic against any fast bowler. You can read more cricket related tips & trick on CricketBio

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