A digital university is a university that provides a variety of courses and degree education completely online to the students. The digital university will work closely with other central universities in the country to provide the necessary digital infrastructure and training. Many universities in the world are providing digital degrees

There is no university in the world to function as a fully digital university. However, many top universities in the world offer many completely online degrees. But these universities provide online education along with off-line education i.e. on-campus studies.

For example, the University of London offers 20 online degrees, while the University of Edinburgh offers 66 and John Hopkins University offers 88 online degrees. However, all these universities also offer on-campus education or off-line degrees.

The Finance Minister has not yet clarified what kind of courses will be taught in the digital university. It is believed that in this, many courses including technical education can be taught online. The biggest advantage of this will be that the students present in remote areas of the country will also be able to get world class education.

There is a plan to connect the top universities of the country in the digital university, this will give students an opportunity to do courses from many top universities through a single platform.

With Digital University, any student will be able to fulfill the dream of studying in the top university of that city without having to go to any city.
Now the question is, what is the difference between the institutions that provide distance learning facilities like Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) or Sikkim Manipal University and digital universities already existing in the country?

Actually, institutes providing distance learning or distance education do not run online classes, but they send the study material of the respective course to the student at his home through post. At the same time, from digital learning or digital university, students will be able to study online while sitting at home.

A digital university has a campus, where there are teachers and staff. Through this campus, online education of different courses is made available to the students present at different places.

Top 10 Online Universities in the world

  1. Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD-  – 88 fully online programmes.
  2. The University of Edinburgh, Scotland – 66 fully online programmes.
  3. University of Birmingham – 67 fully online programmes.
  4. Boston University – 39 fully online programmes.
  5. Monash University – 33 fully online programmes.
  6. The University of Manchester – 32 fully online programmes.
  7. University of Sydney – 28 fully online programmes.
  8. King’s College London – 25 fully online programmes.
  9. University of Glasgow – 22 fully online programmes
  10. University College London – 20 fully online programmes

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